Glenn Nakagawa

Partner | Compositing Supervisor

Glenn Nakagawa currently holds the position of Compositing Supervisor at Kerosene Visual Effects, and is one of its three founding partners. Originally born in Calgary Alberta, Glenn was raised in London Ontario, where he started painting graffiti in 1995 while attending the H. B. Beal vocational arts program. After meeting graffiti artist Duro3 in 1998 and mentoring under his teachings, he became part of the Canada-wide KWOTA crew and TDV crew. Today, Glenn is known today as one of the top 3-D graffiti artists in the country. He was the mastermind behind many prominent mural projects and worked on designs for various international brands and companies; including the likes of Burton Snowboards, General Motors, Intel, Budweiser, and Corbys.


In 2001 he attended the digital media arts program at Seneca college to study 3D animation and visual effects. Over the past 15 years, Glenn has been leading the industry with his extensive knowledge of motion graphics and digital compositing. Glenn continually develops his skills to push creative boundaries and sets new standards for Kerosene's artistic endeavors.