Kevin Pitts

Partner | Visual Effects Supervisor



As one of the three founding members of Kerosene, Kevin has been honing his skills in the VFX industry for the past two decades. Kevin brings his vast experience to Kerosene's roster of clients, helping them find creative and budget conscious solutions to execute their visual effects requests.


Starting off in the industry as a 3D artist, and learning several pioneering 3D software programs, Kevin transitioned into the vast world of digital compositing. Working for several Toronto based Post Production companies, as Discreet Logic Inferno/Flame Artist, Avid Digital Studio Artist, and After Effects Compositor, Kevin was integral in bringing many television series, award winning documentaries and broadcast design packages to life. Over the course of his career, he found it natural to take a leadership role, becoming VFX supervisor on-set and in the studio; managing animation teams of various sizes, before opening Kerosene with his business partners Scott Broad and Glenn Nakagawa.

Kevin has a true enthusiasm for visual effects and broadcast design, and he uses all his accumulated knowledge and expertise to help facilitate every project that comes through Kerosene.  

When he's not on-set directing, or collaborating on innovative ideas with a client, you can find him jamming out to a Rush song, 3 putting a par 4, or relaxing in a deck chair at his cottage.