Scott Broad

Partner | Animation Supervisor

As a graduate of Sheridan College in both classical and 3D animation, Scott started his professional career as a character animator on various children’s television series.  He quickly found himself in a role that allowed him to expand his skill-set into many aspects of the CG pipeline, transforming into a versatile 3D artist and team leader.  


After years of building a working relationship and managing a successful team, Scott, Glenn Nakagawa and Kevin Pitts ventured out to form Kerosene Visual Effects.  Here they continue to build upon a well established history of creating high quality visuals for an expanding client base.


Animator, sculptor, entrepreneur, Scott has the creative vision and technical know-how to bring ideas to life.

Always striving to learn more, better his craft, and enhance his hobby turned profession.


When not at the studio, Scott can be found spending time with his wife and kids, burning hamburgers, and occasionally participating in Obstacle Course Racing with marginally above average results.