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The 3D crew at Kerosene are equally passionate about building new worlds and environments as they are about recreating historical sites and assets with accuracy. Whether it’s building 3D models of specialized machinery, vehicles and buildings, or creating full CGI scenes, we’ll work with you to enhance the visual quality of your production, elevating your story.


Our team of artists is skilled at paintouts, crowds, compositing, dynamics, simulations and more. Whether you need high-impact visual effects that wow your audience, or invisible effects to augment and correct, our priority is to work with your team to meet the creative vision of the production. 


Kerosene’s artists and designers have extensive experience creating title sequences, lower thirds and maps, supporting many films and TV series with impactful, comprehensive broadcast design packages. Whatever the subject matter or storyline, we will work with you to provide graphics that complement the visual style in a way that conveys the intended message.


We can help you optimize your time on-set and collaborate with your team to achieve creative solutions. Kerosene’s technically skilled and experienced VFX supervision will ensure the right information is captured, providing the artists with everything they need to create visual effects that align with your vision, and helping you maximize your time and budget.  

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