Miracles Decoded

Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan


Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan now in it’s second season airing on BBC America, BBC WorldWide and OLN is a travel show which features some of the worlds most dangerous insects and reptiles on the planet.

Working with Cream productions Kerosene designed and developed the intro title sequence treating footage and creating an end title reveal.

The design package included stylized in show map animations and multiple variations of bumpers for the show. As part of our approach we wanted to achieve a look that reflected the gritty and dangerous feel of the show with textures, hand drawn lettering and animated creature elements that surround the title.

Kerosene is proud to have worked on an exciting series by Saloon Media, Miracles Decoded.
Check out Kerosene’s artistry as the series travels to four continents, meeting people who claim to have experienced miraculous events and hearing from cultural experts and scientists who have their own explanations for the phenomena.
A series for both people of faith and die-hard skeptics, Miracles Decoded tells two sides of each story and aired on HISTORY® Canada.